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Wildlands: Map Pack 1

The Warlock’s Tower & The Crystal Canyons

Martin Wallace
Barcode 9781472836182
Board Game

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Release Date: 30/05/2019

Genre: Indoor Games & Puzzle Books
Illustrator: Wietse Treurniet
Label: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Contributors: Wietse Treurniet (Illustrated by)
Language: English
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Players: 2-4Ages: 14+Playing Time: 30-60 minutesContents: Double-Sided Playing BoardTravel into the further reaches of the Wildlands with this new set of maps. Introduce further wrinkles to your game via magical portals which help you rush around the map, or fissures which will slow your progress. Players will have to adapt to their new surroundings if they ever hope to get ahead. This map expansion for Wildlands adds a new double-sided board to the game, featuring new opportunities and obstacles, and can be used in conjunction with the faction expansions.This map pack requires a copy of Wildlands to play.