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Rarewaves Rewards Scheme Terms of Service

Rarewaves Rewards Scheme Terms of Service

Registered Address:
Elsley Court, 20-22 Great Titchfield Street
London, United Kingdom W1W 8BE
Company number: 05540102
VAT Number: GB 864 154811
To contact us, please email

  • By participating in this Rewards scheme and collecting points you agree to the Rarewaves rewards scheme terms of service.
  • You represent that you are at least the age of majority in your state or country of residence, which in most cases is 18 or older.
  • You must be able to provide a name and valid email address for the scheme; this is the only personal information the Rarewaves rewards scheme will hold on you.
Joining or leaving the scheme
  • If you already have a registered account on you will be automatically added to the scheme.
  • New users may register by creating an account on
  • If you wish to be removed from the scheme at any time, please contact us via
  • By leaving the scheme, you forfeit any and all points balance already accrued or issued.
How it Works - Earning Rewards Points
  • You earn Rewards Points whenever you purchase on the website; and you can save up and use those points to redeem money off codes to get money off future purchases.
  • To collect Rewards Points on eligible purchases you must ensure you are logged into your account at the time of purchase.
  • If you make a purchase without logging in and do not receive your Rewards Points, please email us at with your order number within 28 days of your purchase and we can retrospectively add your points to your account.
  • Purchases made on guest accounts, prior to registration, or older than 28 days from purchase after registration cannot be awarded after the fact.
  • Rewards Points will be awarded for your qualifying purchases at a rate of 3 points for every £1 spent, along with additional points for various actions including, but not limited to, following Rarewaves on Twitter or Instagram, and referring other customers to the program.
  • Rewards Points are awarded on the value of goods purchased excluding any postage charges.
  • All point calculations are made in the GBP £ equivalent, regardless of the currency used when checking out. 
  • Rewards points can be awarded when you celebrate your birthday, currently at a level of 200 points. In order to qualify you must set your birthday in the Rewards pop up at least 30 days prior to the date of your birth date for our system to send you the points in the current year. If we do not have 30 days notice then birthday points would be rewarded in the following year.
  • From time to time we may offer incentives for referring a friend to the Rewards scheme. These may include additional points for you once your friend has made a qualifying purchase, and a discount incentive for your friend’s first purchase, subject to a minimum spend threshold. This promotion may be ended for new referrals without notice, but referrals already made will be honoured.

How it Works - Spending Rewards Points

  • Rewards Points earned by you can be exchanged for rewards at the below rates as of 7th January 2022;
    • 500 points for a £5 money off code
    • 950 points for a £10 money off code
    • 1800 points for a £20 money off code
  • Once a code is issued and exchanged for your Rewards Points you will be given the code in the Rewards app and the code will be emailed to you. To redeem the code you will need to enter it in the discount code box during checkout.
  • There is no minimum spend required when redeeming your money off code, however it cannot be exchanged for cash, partial refund, or used in conjunction with any other discount codes in the same transaction.
  • Discount codes can not be applied to past orders that generated the points required to obtain the code originally, only to future purchases. 
  • If you buy items using a money off code that you later obtain a refund for, we reserve the right to provide you with your refund in Rewards Points equivalent to the amount needed to acquire the original code value.
  • For normal transactions that earn Rewards Points, if you subsequently return an item for a refund or obtain partial refund, the equivalent Rewards Points you earned for that portion of the refund may be deducted from your points balance.
Scheme rules and duration
  • The Rarewaves Rewards Scheme replaces any previous Rarewaves loyalty, rewards, or discount policy.
  • The Rarewaves Rewards Scheme is exclusively for use on the website. Points can not be earned on other sites, and discounts can not be redeemed on other sites. 
  • Rarewaves reserves the right to, with notice to scheme members, (i) alter or remove products included in, or excluded from, the rewards scheme at any time; (ii) amend the rate of Rewards Points acquisition as appropriate; (iii) add or modify these terms and conditions where necessary; (iv) change or terminate the Rarewaves Rewards Scheme.
  • The rewards scheme is for your personal use only and Rarewaves reserves the right, at point of purchase or retrospectively, to determine whether a transaction constitutes a legitimate purchase and remove Rewards Points if necessary.
  • Rarewaves maintains the right to remove users and Rewards Points accrued from the scheme if we have reason to believe a user is abusing or misusing the scheme and its rewards.
  • Any action that has the intention of earning points and/or discounts beyond the normal acquisition of points that a sole account could achieve is considered misuse. Common (but not limited to) examples of misuse which cause members to be removed from the scheme:
    • Using the referral scheme to refer yourself or family members living in the same household.
    • Creating multiple accounts with alternate email addresses to create referral codes for you to use.
    • Creating multiple accounts with alternate email addresses to earn points multiple times for the same activity repeated multiple times, for example following our social media channels.
    • Returning product with the intention of generating points on purchases that were refunded. 
    • Attempting to change your birthdate multiple times to earn birthday points more than once per year.
  • If you do not, over twelve consecutive months, purchase on the website thereby collecting Rewards Points, nor in that time redeem any Rewards Points then your existing points will expire.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the money off code you receive will be valid and redeemable once per code for a period of twelve months from the date it is issued.
  • Neither Reward Points nor money off codes are transferable between parties.