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Iron Sky

Barcode 5099946313522

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Release Date: 30/04/2012

Edition: Album
Genre: Soundtracks
Sub-Genre: Original Soundtrack
Label: Mute
Number of Discs: 1
Duration: 78.33 minutes

Track Listing:
1-1 B-mashina (Iron Sky Prequel)
1-2 Take Me to Heaven
1-3 Problems, Big Time!/Schwarze Sonne
1-4 Classroom (Where Are We From?)/Spaceship Hangar
1-5 Kameraden, Wir Kehren Heim!
1-6 Ein Spion Von Der Erde
1-7 Sauerkraut
1-8 Washington's Escape
1-9 Dr. Richter's Laboratory
1-10 Vivian's 'Untergang'
1-11 Klaus and Renate
1-12 In the Machine
1-13 Renate and Washington at the Lab/Albinising Operation
1-14 Nazi Expedition to Earth
1-15 Renate's Surprise
1-16 Peace Lovin' Brother Rap
1-17 The Good Times for the Bad People
1-18 Renate's Message of Peace
1-19 The Miracle in White House
1-20 The Answer to the Question
1-21 The Moon Nazis Are Coming
1-22 125' Later Ragtime
1-23 A Good War Blues (Klaus and Vivian)
1-24 Die Flotte Ist Bereit
1-25 Der Führer's Last Waltz
1-26 Meteorblitzkrieg Begins
1-27 Ready to Face the Music (Counterattack)
1-28 UN Security Council Confessions
1-29 Space Battle Suite
1-30 James and Renate Inside the Götterdämmerung
1-31 The United States of America Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists
1-32 Moon Attack
1-33 Götterdämmerung Muss Fliegen
1-34 Feuer Frei!
1-35 Fight Between Washington and Dr. Richter
1-36 Klaus and Renate's Final 'Rendezvous'
1-37 The Fall of Götterdämmerung
1-38 America
1-39 Under the Iron Sky
1-40 End Title (We Leave in Peace)