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The Six Million Dollar Man: Series 1

Barcode 5030697022219

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Release Date: 25/02/2013

Edition: Normal
Genre: Television
Sub-Genre: Science Fiction
Region Code: Region 2
Certificate: PG
Label: Fabulous Films
Actors: William Sylvester, Paul Carr, Fred Lerner, Farrah Fawcett, Jack Colvin, Michael Santiago, Henry Jones
Number of Discs: 6
Audio Languages: English, English
Subtitle Languages: English

Complete first season of the classic action series. Astronaut and test pilot Steve Austin (Lee Majors) is almost killed in a plane crash. Fortunately for him, the government has the technology to rebuild him with experimental bionic parts, giving him super-speed and strength. To repay the government for their help, Steve joins the Office of Scientific Investigation and uses his superpowers to help fight crime, espionage, and space aliens. In this series, Steve investigates the death of an entire population of a small town, helps two trapped austronauts stranded in a crippled capsule, and foils the plans of a laser-weilding terrorist to kill the combined heads of state at a Paris meeting. Episodes are: 'The Moon and the Desert (Parts 1 and 2)'; 'Wine, Women and War (Parts 1 and 2)'; 'The Solid Gold Kidnapping (Parts 1 and 2)'; 'Population Zero'; 'Survival of the Fittest'; 'Operation Firefly'; 'Day of the Robot'; 'Little Orphan Airplane'; 'Doomsday, and Counting'; 'Eyewitness To Murder'; 'The Rescue of Athena One'; 'Dr Wells Is Missing'; 'The Last of the Fourth of Julys'; 'Burning Bright'; 'The Coward'; and 'Run Steve, Run!'.