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Release Date: 13/09/2010

Edition: Normal
Genre: Crime & Thriller
Sub-Genre: Crime & Thriller
Region Code: DVD 2
Certificate: 18
Label: 20th Century Studios
Actors: Vincent Laresca, Brandon Routh, Martin Donovan, Lora Kojovic, Michael Rose, Samuel L. Jackson, Gil Bellows, Stephen Root, Holmes Osborne, Joshua Harto, Michael Sheen, Carrie-Anne Moss
Director: Gregor Jordan
Number of Discs: 1
Audio Languages: English

Samuel L. Jackson and Carrie Ann Fisher star in this political thriller. Disillusioned nuclear expert Younger (Michael Sheen) has turned against his country, and releases a video warning that he has planted three separate nuclear bombs in three cities across the USA. He is instantly apprehended by the nation's top anti-terrorism task force, but the FBI cannot get him to reveal where the bombs are hidden. Mysterious interrogation expert H (Jackson) is brought in to try to extract the crucial information, but when counter-terrorist agent Brody (Moss) witnesses his extreme methods, she starts to question the morality of fighting fire with fire. Brandon Routh, Martin Donovan and Stephen Root co-star.