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Release Date: 25/03/2013

Edition: Album
Genre: Dance
Sub-Genre: Garage
Label: Brainfeeder
Number of Discs: 1
Duration: 46.36 minutes

'Nostalchic' is the debut album by British artist Lapalux aka Stuart Howard. Emerging during an era in which upstart DIY talent was flooding the gates of electronic music, Howard's voice was singular, as a brilliant artist always should be. Flying Lotus was quick to recognise his startling talent, as Howard's shot-in-the-dark demo email to Brainfeeder Records was immediately answered by the label head himself, who quickly moved to sign him. Now considered a classic of the era, 'Nostalchic' is a record characterized by its devastating emotional force, melding his beloved R&B and soul into elements of house and hip hop, all with the trademark Lapalux finish: infectious, lopsided swing and achingly deep texture.

Track Listing:
1: IAMSYS (Tape Intro)
2: Guuurl
3: Kelly Brook
4: One Thing (Feat. Jenna Andrews)
5: Flower
6: Swallowing Smoke
7: Without You (Feat. Kerry Leatham)
8: Straight Over My Head
9: Dance (Feat. Astrid Williamson)
10: The Dead Sea
11: Walking Words
12: O E A (Feat. Kerry Leatham) (Tape Outro)