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John Dowland: First Booke of Songes Or Ayres

John Dowland
Barcode 0635212055328

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Release Date: 02/11/2018

Edition: Album
Genre: Classical
Sub-Genre: Vocal
Composer: John Dowland
Label: Signum Classics
Number of Discs: 1

Track Listing:
1: Unquiet Thoughts
2: Who Ever Thinks Or Hopes of Love for Love
3: My Thoughts Are Wing'd With Hopes
4: If My Complaints Could Passions Move
5: Can She Excuse My Wrongs With Virtue's Cloak?
6: Now, Oh Now I Needs Must Part
7: Dear, If You Change, I'll Never Choose Again
8: Burst Forth, My Tears
9: Go Crystal Tears
10: Think'st Thou Then By Thy Feigning
11: Come Away, Come Sweet Love
12: Rest Awhile, You Cruel Cares
13: Sleep, Wayward Thoughts
14: All Ye Whom Love Or Fortune Hath Betray'd
15: Wilt Thou, Unkind, Thus Reave Me of My Heart?
16: Would My Conceit That First Enforc'd My Woe
17: Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite
18: His Golden Locks Time Hath to Silver Turned
19: Awake, Sweet Love, Thou Art Return'd
20: Come, Heavy Sleep
21: Away With These Self-loving Lads