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Lera Auerbach: Homo Ludens

Lera Auerbach
Barcode 0044747344126

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Release Date: 11/01/2019

Edition: Album
Genre: Classical
Sub-Genre: Instrumental
Composer: Lera Auerbach
Label: Centaur
Number of Discs: 1

Lera Auerbach, the Russian-American poet, composer, writer, visual artist, concert pianist and graduate of the Julliard School and the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (Germany) performs regularly in major halls throughout the world. To date she has published more than 100 works for orchestra, opera and ballet, as well as choral and chamber music, which the worlds leading musicians have performed. Pianist, scholar and educator Eli Kalman (Univ. of Wisc., Oshkosh, Dept. of Music) tackles three of Ms. Auerbachs solo piano works, c. 1998-2000, including her 24 Preludes, op. 41.

Track Listing:
1: Question
2: What a Story
3: Dialogue
4: Quarrel
5: An Old Photograph from the Grandparents' Childhood
6: After the War (The Field of the Dead)
7: Decision
8: Family Holiday
9: Stubborn
10: E-Creatures
11: Shadows On the Wall
12: Prayer
13: I. Moderato
14: II. Presto
15: III. Moderato
16: IV. Apassionato. Nostalgico ( in a Dream)
17: V. Andantino Sognando
18: VI. Corale
19: VII. Andante
20: VIII. Presto
21: IX. Allegretto
22: X. Largo
23: XI. Misterioso
24: XII. Allegro Brutale
25: XIII. Andante
26: XIV. Allegretto
27: XV. Moderato
28: XVI. Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Tragico
29: XVII. Adagio Tragico
30: XVIII. Grave
31: XIX. Adagio Religioso
32: XX. Misterioso
33: XXI. Allegro Moderato
34: XXII. Andante
35: XXIII. Allegretto (...with Swing)
36: XXIV. Grandioso
37: I. Allegro Ma Non Troppo ( in a Nightmare)
38: II. Andante
39: III. Andante Misterioso
40: IV. Allegro Ma Non Troppo (Glass-like Sound)
41: V. Tempo Di Un Lament
42: VI. Lento Assai (Sognante, Rubato)
43: VII. Allegro Assai
44: VIII. Moderato (Misterioso)
45: IX. Vivo Misterioso ( in a Mist...)
46: X. Allegro Moderato (Marcatissimo...nostalgico...)