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Pathfinder RPG: Advanced Player’s Guide (P2)

Paizo Staff
Barcode 9781640782570

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Release Date: 11/08/2020

Genre: Indoor Games & Puzzle Books
Label: Paizo Publishing, LLC
Language: English
Publisher: Paizo Publishing, LLC
Pages: 272

Ready to go beyond the basics? Expand the limits ofwhat's possible with the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide! This 272-pagePathfinder Second Edition rulebook contains exciting new rules options forplayer characters, adding even more depth of choice to your Pathfinder game!Inside you will find brand new ancestries, heritages, and four new classes: theshrewd investigator, the mysterious oracle, the daring swashbuckler, and thehex-slinging witch! The must-have Advanced Player's Guide also includes excitingnew options for all your favorite Core Rulebook classes and tons of newbackgrounds, general feats, spells, items, and 40 flexible archetypes tocustomize your play experience evenfurther!

The Pathfinder Advanced Player'sGuide includes:

Four new classes: theinvestigator, oracle, swashbuckler, andwitch!
Five new ancestries and five heritages forany ancestry: celestial aasimars, curious catfolk, hagspawned changelings,vampiric dhampirs, fate-touched duskwalkers, scaled kobolds, fierce orcs,fiendish tieflings, industrious ratfolk, and featheredtengu!
40 new archetypes including multiclassarchetypes for the four new classes, Pathfinder favorites like the cavalier,dragon disciple, shadowdancer, and vigilante, and brand-new archetypes like thefamiliar master and the shield-bearing ironwall!
New class options for all twelve classesfrom the Pathfinder Core Rulebook including champions of evil, genie and shadowsorcerers, zen archer monks, rogue masterminds, spellcasting rangers, andmore!
Even more exciting new rules, from rare andunique backgrounds to investigative skill feats, from spells and rituals likereincarnate and create demiplane to new items including special wands withunusual effects and exciting potions worthy of a witch'scauldron.