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Domination and the Arts of Resistance

Hidden Transcripts

James C. Scott
Barcode 9780300056693

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Release Date: 29/07/1992

Genre: Society & Culture
Sub-Genre: Social Sciences
Label: Yale University Press
Language: English
Publisher: Yale University Press
Pages: 269

Hidden Transcripts. An examination and discussion of the public and the hidden discourses (transcripts) of those who wield power and of those who feign deference to it. Examples are drawn from literature, history and politics to illustrate the many guises the interaction of such discourses can take. "A splendid study, surely one of the most important that has appeared on the whole matter of power and resistance."—Natalie Zemon Davis

Confrontations between the powerless and powerful are laden with deception—the powerless feign deference and the powerful subtly assert their mastery. Peasants, serfs, untouchables, slaves, laborers, and prisoners are not free to speak their minds in the presence of power. These subordinate groups instead create a secret discourse that represents a critique of power spoken behind the backs of the dominant. At the same time, the powerful also develop a private dialogue about practices and goals of their rule that cannot be openly avowed.

In this book, renowned social scientist James C. Scott offers a penetrating discussion both of the public roles played by the powerful and powerless and the mocking, vengeful tone they display off stage—what he terms their public and hidden transcripts. Using examples from the literature, history, and politics of cultures around the world, Scott examines the many guises this interaction has taken throughout history and the tensions and contradictions it reflects.