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The Fantastic Four

Marco Beltrami
Barcode 8718469540716

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Release Date: 12/10/2015

Edition: 12" Album (Gatefold Cover)
Genre: Soundtracks
Sub-Genre: Original Soundtrack
Composer: Philip Glass, Marco Beltrami
Producer: Curt Sobel, Erick Labson, John Kurlander, Marco Beltrami
Label: Music On Vinyl
Number of Discs: 2

180 gram audiophile vinyl / Gatefold sleeve / Insert

Directed by Josh Trank and screenwriters Jeremy Slater and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class, X-Men; Days of Future Past, Sherlock Holmes), The Fantastic Four is a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel's first, and longest-running superhero team. The Fantastic Four score developed from the inquisitiveness of the film's young protagonists. Working together with living legend Philip Glass, composer Marco Beltrami (Wolverine, Hellboy) explains, 'What we were trying to achieve musically was the spirit of curiosity and innocence. We were inspired by the film's scientific exploration from the point of view of these young characters, and how their curiosity develops into a position of power'. Three of Philip Glass's previous film scores have been nominated for Academy Awards: Kundun (1997), The Hours (2002) and Notes On A Scandal (2006). In 1999, he won the Golden Globe for his soundtrack to The Truman Show. Also available by Marco Beltrami on 180 gm vinyl: THE GIVER Also available by Philip Glass on 180 gm vinyl: GLASSWORKS / HEROES SYMPHONY / LOW SYMPHONY / SOLO PIANO / THE PHOTOGRAPHER.

Track Listing:
1: Fantastic Four Prelude
2: The Garage
3: The Unveiling
4: Baxter
5: "All My Faith"
6: The Lab
7: Meeting of the Minds
8: It Begins
9: Building the Future
10: Launch One
11: Neil Armstrong
12: Maiden Voyage
13: Footprints
14: "Run"
15: Ben's Drop
16: Real World Applications
17: Under Pressure
18: The Search
19: "You're Going to Like This One"
20: Father and Son
21: Return
22: He's Awake
23: Pursuit
24: Strength in Numbers
25: End Titles