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Anthony Rolfe Johnson: Recital at La Monnaie

Anthony Rolfe Johnson
Barcode 5412217086077

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Release Date: 23/10/2015

Edition: Album
Genre: Classical
Sub-Genre: Vocal
Composer: Franz Schubert, Benjamin Britten, Henry Purcell
Label: Cypres
Number of Discs: 1

Track Listing:
1: We Sing to Him, Whose Wisdom Form'd the Ear, Z199
2: A Morning Hymne: Thou Wakeful Shepherd, Z198
3: In the Black Dismal Dungeon of Despair, Z190
4: Alleluia
5: Vor Meiner Wiege, D927
6: An Die Laute, D905
7: Alinde, D904
8: Klage an Den Mond, D436
9: Der Vater Mit Dem Kind, D906
10: Erlkönig, D328
11: Die Sommernacht, D289
12: Die Frühen Gräber, D290
13: Der Winterabend, D938
14: At Day-close in November
15: Midnight On the Great Western
16: Wagtail and Baby
17: The Little Old Table
18: The Choirmaster's Burial
19: Proud Songsters
20: At the Railway Station Upway
21: Before Life and After
22: The Birds
23: O Waly, Waly
24: Oliver Cromwell. Nursery Rhyme from Suffolk