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Nashville Skyline

Bob Dylan
Barcode 5099706360124

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Genre: Pop
Sub-Genre: Country, Alternative Country e americana
Label: Import
Number of Discs: 1

CD: Bob Dylan,Nashville Skyline

While Dylan is one of the prime creators of "country rock," Nashville Skyline is as close to a real country album as any he's ever made. Unfortunately, Dylan's decision to sing it in an un-nasal, un-Dylanesque style leaves one of rock's greatest singers seriously handicapped, as if Ali had to box one-handed. As a result, this set can never be any better than its songs. When they're throw-aways ("Country Pie"), even all the great Nashville pickers on board can't help. But when they're good ("I Threw It All Away", "Lay Lady Lay"), they're unforgettable. --David Cantwell.