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Baba Yaga

Barcode 5060162232164

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Release Date: 26/10/2020

Region Code: Blu-ray B
Certificate: BBFC 18
Label: Shameless
Actors: Carroll Baker, George Eastman, Isabelle De Funès
Director: Corrado Farina
Number of Discs: 1

This extended edition of BABA YAGA REDUX is published for the first time on Blu-ray with the previously cut scenes reinserted - especially for Shameless - by the film director himself (the reinserted scenes have also been visually improved for this edition). This extended - redux - HD release finally does justice to the filmmaker Corrado Farina s unique original vision.

Farina's adaptation of the epoch-making 'Valentina' comics by Guido Crepax, whilst keeping the central oneiric sexiness of the heroine's adventures, is cerebral yet sparkling with intelligent gentle irony and sophisticated eroticism. Set against the seismic changes of sexual and societal revolutions of the times, this is High Pop-fiction meets stream-of-consciousness storytelling!

Beautiful Valentina is a famous trendy photographer, one night she's nearly run over by an enigmatic older woman, Baba Yaga

(Carroll Baker), who it turns out is not only the devil witch. but a sapphic predatory witch who must possess her! Pursued by the

sensuous seduction of a now obsessed Baba Yaga, Valentina must either submit to her carnal S&M lust or escape what appears to

have become a waking nightmare of perverted realities!

The film s mixing comic strips with live action is ground-breaking and influential to this day.


* Director's own re-edit of film, now with improved visuals
* Corrado Farina Interview and Introduction
* Audio Commentary by author, editor & critic Kat Ellinger
* Fact Track by The Wilson Bros
* English or Italian audio with subtitles
* Two Guido Crepax documentaries by Corrado Farina: COMIC-STRIP FREUD & COMIC-STRIP PHOBIA