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Sasami-San @ Ganbaranai Collection

Barcode 5060067006600

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Release Date: 15/02/2016

Region Code: DVD 2
Certificate: BBFC 15
Label: MVM Entertainment
Director: Akiyuki Shinbou
Number of Discs: 2
Audio Languages: Japanese
Subtitle Languages: English

Complete first series of the fantasy anime based on the light novel series by Akira. Sasami (voice of Kana Asumi) is a reclusive high-school student with poor attendance. Her teacher brother Kamiomi (Hôchuu Ootsuka) is her only link to the outside world through the 'Brother Surveillance Tool' camera he wears connected to her computer. Sasami is intrigued when she observes interactions between Kamiomi and the three strange Yagami sisters, who talk of magic, gods and powers. Can she figure out what it all means? The episodes are: 'I'll Do My Best Starting Tomorrow', 'Home Security Officer', 'If I Work, I Lose', 'Parasite in the House', 'You Think I'm Taking This Seriously?', 'I'm Troubling Only My Parents', 'I Forgot How to Speak', 'Strategic Solitude', 'It's Not That I Can't Do It', 'Fighting an Enemy You Cannot See', 'Romance Is Just an Urban Legend' and 'I Won't Try Hard Tomorrow Either'.