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Moon Phase Phase 6

Barcode 5027182728060

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Region Code: DVD 2
Certificate: BBFC PG
Label: Revelation Films
Director: Akiyuki Shinbou
Number of Discs: 1
Audio Languages: Japanese
Subtitle Languages: English

Like a child s rhyme, from beginning to end and back again. Full circle has Hazuki and the Mido clan come, but the stakes are far higher than ever they were-no longer the spectre of death, but the loss of a soul. Kouhei, having seen Hazuki s true form, cannot reconcile the little vampire he has grown to love with the monster before his eyes. And to save the others, Hazuki must embrace her fate, sacrificing all that she has come to love in order to save it. As the castle which had been her cage for so long seeks to close them in, those thought lost seek the riddle s solution. A vision of grace and beauty trapped within the ancient walls of a forgotten castle, awaiting the one who will set her free.

Definitely recommended. Moonphase, --Moonphase,