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Boldly Go... and Save on Star Trek Blu-ray & DVD
Boldly Go....and Save on Star Trek Blu-ray & DVD
Barcode 5027035024615
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Release Date: 17/04/2023

Edition: Box Set
Genre: Feature
Sub-Genre: Action
Region Code: Blu-ray B
Certificate: BBFC 18
Label: Arrow Films
Actors: Sonny Chiba, Yо̄ko Ichiji, Etsuko Shihomi
Director: Shigehiro Ozawa
Number of Discs: 3
Duration: 91, 88, 83 minutes
Language: Japanese, English
Audio Languages: Japanese
Subtitle Languages: English

Sonny Chiba stars as Takuma "Terry" Tsurugi, the animalistic antihero driven by sex, money and brawling in the infamous series that first introduced the name of the martial arts legend to a global audience. The Street Fighter sees Tsurugi embroiled in a game of double and triple crosses involving both local and foreign mafia gangs when he is hired to kidnap Sarai (Yutaka Nakajima, The Executioner 1 & 2), the beautiful heiress daughter of a recently deceased oil tycoon. In Return of the Street Fighter, Tsurugi uncovers an extortion racket behind the construction of a new karate dojo and a shadowy cabal whose reach stretches across the whole of Asia. In The Street Fighter's Last Revenge, Chiba is joined by Toei star Reiko Ike (Girl Boss Guerrilla, Sex and Fury) as Tsurugi goes hand-to-hand against an ambitious public prosecutor (Koji Wada) with his own fists of fury over evidence of a corporate coverup involving a chemical spillage.<br/>