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It's My Life - the Album

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Release Date: 20/10/2015

Genre: Pop
Sub-Genre: Dance ed Elettronica, House
Label: Multiply
Number of Discs: 1

12 Tracks - 1. Mighty Break 5:59 2. The Final Pizzi 5:14 3. Cheating Twister 5:18 4. Stay 5:57 5. Sweat 5:56 6. Hoopstar 6:55 7. Its My Life 6:17 8. Encore Une Fois 6:29 9. Ecuador 5:55

German born Sasha Lappessen, best known as Euro-house artist Sash!, had phenomenal worldwide success in 1997 with a string of catchy pop-house compositions. Sash's distinctive, addictive style joins together synth chords and house melodies with recurring vocal samples. Included on the album are two versions of Sash's first ever recording with earlier collaborators Thomas Ludke and Ralf Kappmeier--"It's My Life". There are also two versions of Sash's follow-up singles, "Encore Une Frois" (the original and the Future Breeze mix) and "Ecuador" (Bruce Wayner Mix and the original). Without a doubt, the best tracks on the album are the four compositions released as singles, but the other album tracks aren't just fillers. The intro track "Mighty Break" and "Hoopster" are just as delicious as any of the hit singles. --John Galilee.