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The Best of the Old Shit and the New Shit

Fred Banana Combo
Barcode 0885513012722

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Release Date: 04/09/2015

Edition: Album with DVD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Sub-Genre: Pop
Label: MIG Music
Number of Discs: 3

After more than 30 years the Fred Banana Combo is back in the original line-up!! 1978 they released their first record in Germany and England (No Destination Blues + Jerk Off All Night Long, Warm Records/London). It then continued with BMG/Ariola and with a Rockpalast concert and concerts in and out of Germany. Conny Plank came to discover the Fred Banana Combo, the "pope of good taste." The band will return to the stage in July and introduce their new album. Nicolle Mayer (vocals, drums), also a sought model, will arrive from New York City, Gottfried Tollmannn (vocals, Guitar) from Paris. The lineup will be completed with Bill Brown (vocals, bass), Dizzy Fischer (trombone), who worked with Tom Waits for years, and Charly T, who was musically connected to Marius Müller Westernhagen. The new album will come as a box set and contains 2 CDs and a DVD with the legendary Rockpalast performance from 1980 in Cologne. CD 1 "The Old Shit" contains the songs from 1977-1983 produced by Conny Plank. On the new album (CD 2 "The New Shit") Sarah Jay from "Massive Attack" sings on "Splinters" and Stefan Krachten plays the drums.

Track Listing:
1-1 The Captain
1-2 Riding to Rome
1-3 Idi Amin
1-4 Krauts
1-5 I Don't Know
1-6 Last Dance
1-7 Yesterday
1-8 Nowhere Bei Mir
1-9 Rich & Fat
1-10 My Girl
1-11 Bird On the Wire
1-12 The Heartbeat and the Train
1-13 No Destination Blues
1-14 Ring
1-15 Johnny B. Goode
1-16 Slow Die
1-17 Strange Sound
1-18 One of Them All
1-19 I Don't Know
1-20 Soldaten Des Gruenen
2-1 Songs of Condition
2-2 Bookshelves
2-3 Saint Pancras
2-4 Manana
2-5 Splinters
2-6 Song of Inland
2-7 Freddy Mercury
2-8 Splinters (Feat. Sarah Jay & Stefan Krachten)
2-9 Song of Dog
2-10 Song of World
2-11 That's the Place to Be
3-1 Midnight Hour
3-2 Rut of Love
3-3 Runaway
3-4 I Don't Know
3-5 Riding to Rome
3-6 Fascination
3-7 Land of 1000 Dances
3-8 My Girl, Idi Amin
3-9 Please, Please, Please
3-10 She Loves You
3-11 Boxer Dog
3-12 Thursday
3-13 Disco Dream
3-14 No Destination Blues
3-15 Strange Sound
3-16 Yesterday