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Relationship of Command

At the Drive-In
Barcode 0724385035128

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Genre: Rock
Sub-Genre: Hard Rock e Metal, Hard Rock, CDs & Vinyl, Indie & Alternative, Hardcore & Punk, Emo
Label: Transgressive Records (Membran)
Number of Discs: 1

Recorded just a few months after the monumental album "V", Gudars Skymning are releasing the brand new instrumental album "Grodans Sång". Just as the latest albums, this record was done at Malmer Productions in Umeå, Sweden. This time, 3 days of tinkering with tractor snow chains, Old Ox empties, Marshall cranked shaku flutes, bacon steaming fuzz drenched guitars, blaring drums, and seasoned neighbours did the trick!

It's maddeningly rare that a band can provide a visceral thrill--Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name"--and still work the grey matter as well. Here's a band that's refined the art. Hailing from El Paso, Texas, At The Drive-In come poised somewhere between the rabid showmanship of The Make-Up and the avant-complexity of emo pioneers The Lapse, but through sheer adrenaline alone, leave both bands choking on their exhaust fumes. Sure, they're got their unique selling point--lead singer Cedric Bixler and guitarist Omar Rodriguez both sport immense Afros--but this band is no idle gimmickry. Recorded after a stint touring with Rage Against The Machine, Relationship Of Command is the punk-rock real deal, the angular hardcore dynamic of "One Armed Scissor" and "Rolodex Propaganda" (the latter featuring the rabid holler of a guest-starring Iggy Pop) as focused and affecting as any rock music to come out of America for the last five years. "And the paramedics fell into the wound like a re-hired scab at a fair-headed plant, an anaesthetic penance beneath a hail of contraband!" spits Bixler on the album's high water mark, "Invalid Letter Dept". "Dancing on the corpses' ashes!" What does it all mean? Do you really need to ask? All get down for At The Drive-In, punk-rock heroes for a cerebral America. --Louis Pattison.