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Suicide Prevention

Barcode 0708509003422

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Genre: Indie & Alternative
Sub-Genre: Indie y alternativa, Indie y Lo-fi
Label: Galapagos
Number of Discs: 1

Suicide Prevention is the first official release from Chicago's own Outerlimitz. The collective masterfully constructed a sound that transcends the traditional "boom boom bap, tick tick tick snare" format. Where others have boasted "unique", Outerlimitz delivers. Silence's production has confronted the monotonous headlong, leaving no room for excuses, just rhyme and reason. Recycled song structure has been replaced with stunning soundscapes and passionate deliveries. The energy brought forth from this talented trio is something that hip hop has been missing. Outerlimitz is a return to the originality and fire that both hip hop and the thinking world have been dying for.