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Viva La Ska Revolution

Bad Manners
Barcode 0636551414029

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Release Date: 27/05/1997

Edition: Album
Genre: Rock/Pop
Sub-Genre: Ska
Label: Recall
Number of Discs: 1
Duration: 91.40 minutes

Track Listing:
1-1 Skaville UK DISC ONE;12'
1-2 Sally Brown DISC ONE;12'
1-3 Bonanza Ska DISC ONE
1-4 Return Of The Ugly DISC ONE
1-5 Skinhead Love Affair DISC ONE
1-6 Non Shrewd DISC ONE
1-7 Big 5 DISC ONE
1-8 Stampede DISC ONE
1-9 Skinhead Girl DISC ONE
1-10 Mafia DISC ONE
1-11 Pipeline DISC ONE
1-12 Viva La Ska Revolution DISC ONE
1-13 Gonna Get Along Without You DISC ONE;(RADIO MIX)
1-14 How Big Do You Love DISC ONE
1-15 Johnny's Knee DISC ONE
2-1 This Is Ska DISC TWO
2-2 Oh Jamaica DISC TWO
2-3 Fatty Fatty DISC TWO
2-4 Lip Up Fatty DISC TWO
2-5 Special Brew DISC TWO
2-6 Rosemary DISC TWO
2-7 Since You've Gone Away DISC TWO
2-8 Walking In The Sunshine DISC TWO;(LIVE)
2-9 Can Can DISC TWO;(LIVE)
2-10 Samson & Delilah DISC TWO;(LIVE)
2-11 Lorraine DISC TWO;(LIVE)
2-12 My Girl Lollipop DISC TWO;(LIVE)
2-13 Inner London Violence DISC TWO;(LIVE)
2-14 Wooly Bully DISC TWO;(LIVE)
2-15 Just A Feeling DISC TWO;(LIVE)