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Melting Pot

The Charlatans
Barcode 0607618019822

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Release Date: 20/05/2002

Edition: Album
Genre: Rock/Pop
Sub-Genre: Indie/Alternative
Label: Beggars Banquet
Number of Discs: 1
Duration: 74.20 minutes

Since their 1990 debut single, the Charlatans (originally known in the United States as the Charlatans UK) have slowly evolved into one of the biggest rock bands in their native England. MELTING POT collects 17 of their singles and key album tracks from 1990-1997, illustrating the steady development of this hard-working, down-to-earth band. Early singles ("The Only One I Know," "Weirdo") borrow heavily from the Stone Roses, blending funky Manchester beats with Tim Burgess' trippy, laid-back vocals. The mighty Hammond organ playing of the late Rob Collins, however, set the Charlatans apart from the countless Stone Roses-inspired UK bands of the '90s.Although the Charlatans moved away from such influences with each successive album, their sound has remained fairly consistent for close to a decade. Some of the many highlights collected on MELTING POP include the Chemical Brothers remix of "Patrol" and such loose-grooved college radio hits as "Can't Get Out Of Bed" and "Just Looking." While the Charlatans have never been innovators, they are a solid, entertaining band. The final track, a catchy fusion of Dylan and the Stones called "North Country Boy," suggests that they may be ready to take their music to the next level. England's Charlatans haben sich, seitdem sie 1990 aus der Manchester Tanzszene auftauchten, erkennbar entwickelt. Die Mitglieder der Band sind solide Songschreiber und einfühlsame, bluesige Musiker geworden, so wie es die Rolling Stones hätten werden können, wenn sie nicht so seltsame Sonderlinge geworden wären. Leider hatte dieses Album mit dem eigenen Namen als Titel im eigenen Land keine besondere Begeisterung hervorgerufen und die Gruppe hat auch in den USA seit ihrer Debüt Single "The Only One I Know" keinen besonderen Eindruck hinterlassen. Aber es ist dennoch ein starke Leistung und wesentlich überzeugender als die Werke von verwandten Geistern wie Stone Roses und Primal Scream. --Jim DeRogatis

Seit sieben Jahren mischen die Briten konstant im Indie-Popgeschäft mit - Grund genug, dies mit einer eingängigen, ausgewogenen "Best Of"-CD zu feiern. ** Musik: 03-04

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Track Listing:
1-1 The Only One I Know
1-2 Then
1-3 Opportunity Three
1-4 Over Rising
1-5 Sproston Green (US Version)
1-6 Weirdo
1-7 Theme from 'The Wish'
1-8 Patrol (The Chemical Brothers Mix)
1-9 Can't Get Out of Bed
1-10 I Never Wanted a Easy Life If Me & He Were Ever to Get There
1-11 Jesus Hairdo
1-12 Crashin' In
1-13 Just Lookin'
1-14 Here Comes a Soul Saver
1-15 Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over
1-16 One to Another
1-17 North Country Boy