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Between the Jigs and the Reels: A Retrospective

Barcode 0602557205824

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Release Date: 28/10/2016

Edition: Album with DVD
Genre: Folk
Sub-Genre: Irish Folk
Label: Universal Music
Number of Discs: 2

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1: True Love Knows No Season (Billy Gray)
2: Pat Reilly
3: Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór
4: Follow Me Up to Carlow
5: Baneasa's Green Glade/Mominsko Horo
6: The Acorny Lasses/The Old Wheels of the World/The Spike Island Lasses
7: The Pursuit of Farmer Michael Hayes
8: Accidentals/Aragon Mill
9: The Irish Marche
10: The Rambling Siúler
11: The Well Below the Valley
12: Junior Crehan's Favourite/Corney Is Coming (Reels)
13: Roger O'Hehir
14: Smeceno Horo
15: The West Coast of Clare
16: Nancy Spain
17: Timedance

Disc 2
1: The Blacksmith/Blacksmithreens (Live On the Late, Late Show)
2: Three Drunken Maidens/The Foxhunter's Reel (Live from the National Stadium)
3: When First Unto This Country (Live from the National Stadium)
4: Sweet Thames Flow Softly (Live from the National Stadium)
5: The Gold Ring (Jig) [live from the National Stadium]
6: Hey! Sandy (Live from the National Stadium)
7: Kitty Gone a Milking/Music of the Forge (Reels) [live from the National Stadium]
8: Only Our Rivers Run Free (Live from the National Stadium)
9: Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Tabhair Dom Do Lamh (Live from the National Stadium)
10: Three Drunken Maidens/The Foxhunter's Reel (Reprise) [live from the National Stadium]
11: The Good Ship Kangaroo (Live from the Abbey Tavern)
12: Ride a Mile/Hardiman the Fiddler/The Yellow Wattle (Jigs) [live from the Abbey Tavern]
13: The Hackler from Grouse Hall (Live from the Abbey Tavern)
14: An Bonnán Buí/The West Wind (Reel) [live from the Abbey Tavern]
15: The Jolly Beggar (Live from the Abbey Tavern)
16: Sally Brown (Live from the Abbey Tavern)
17: Bean Phaidin/Rakish Paddy (Live from the Abbey Tavern)
18: Little Musgrave (Live from the Abbey Tavern)
19: East at Glendart/Brian O'Lynn/Pay the Reckoning (Double Jigs) [live On Aisling Ghael Special]
20: The Lady On the Island/The Gatehouse Maid/The Virginia/Callaghan's (Reels) [live On Aisling Ghael Special]
21: As I Roved Out (Live On Aisling Ghael Special)
22: Smeceno Horo (Live On Aisling Ghael Special)
23: Johnny of Brady's Lea (Live from the National Stadium)
24: The Pullet/The Ladies' Pantalettes (Reels) [live from the National Stadium]
25: I Pity the Poor Immigrant (Live from the National Stadium)
26: Arthur McBride (Live from the National Stadium)
27: True Love Knows No Season (Billy Gray) [live from the National Stadium]
28: Timedance (Live from the National Stadium)
29: You Rambling Boys of Pleasure (Live from the National Stadium)
30: The Good Ship Kangaroo (Live the National Stadium)
31: Táimse Im' Chodladh (Live from the National Stadium)
32: Thousands Are Sailing (Live from the National Stadium)
33: The Queen of the Rushes/Paddy Fahy's (Jigs) [live from the National Stadium]
34: Little Musgrave (Live from the National Stadium)
35: The Scholar/The Chattering Magpie/Lord McDonald's/The Virginia/Callaghan's (Reels) [live from the National Stadium]
36: The Cliffs of Dooneen (Live from the National Stadium)