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Riding This Road

Joy Mckean
Barcode 0602537779864

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Release Date: 22/02/2000

Genre: Pop
Sub-Genre: Pop, CDs y vinilos
Label: CD
Number of Discs: 1

Track Listing: 1. Davey Darlin' (Remastered) 2. Kelly's Offsider (Live At The Sydney Opera House 1978) 3. Angel Of Goulburn Hill (Remastered) 4. Many Mothers (Remastered) 5. All Of Me Belongs To You (Remastered) 6. Fool Across The Bar (Remastered) 7. One More Letter (Remastered) 8. The Spinning Wheel (Remastered) 9. Keep The Lovelight Shining (Remastered) 10. Sweet Thang (Remastered) 11. I'm The One (Remastered) 12. The Long Road Home (Remastered) 13. Morning Mail (Remastered) 14. Moonrise Lullaby (Remastered) 15. Lights On The Hill (Live From Tamworth, Australia 2004) 16. Wind-Up Gramophone (Remastered) 17. Walk Right In (Live At The Opera House, Sydney, Australia 1978) 18. Louisiana Man (Live From Tamworth, Australia 1973) 19. Eternal Love (Remastered) 20. Hills Of Home (Live From Sydney, Australia 2000) 21. Barb'ry Allen (Remastered) 22. What's It Gonna Cost Me (Remastered) 23. Banks Of The Ohio (Live From Tamworth, Australia 1973) 24. Bye And Bye (Live From Wagga Wagga, Australia 1972).