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Release Date: 26/10/2018

Edition: Album
Genre: Soundtracks
Sub-Genre: Original Score
Composer: Thom Yorke
Label: XL
Number of Discs: 2
Duration: 80.15 minutes

Soundtrack album by Thom Yorke for the horror film Suspiria. This is Thom Yorke's first feature film soundtrack and the track 'Suspirium' was short listed for the 2019 Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Track Listing:
1-1 A Storm That Took Everything
1-2 The Hooks
1-3 Suspirium
1-4 Belongings Thrown in a River
1-5 Has Ended
1-6 Klemperer Walks
1-7 Open Again
1-8 Sabbath Incantation
1-9 The Inevitable Pull
1-10 Olga's Destruction (Volk Tape)
1-11 The Conjuring of Anke
1-12 A Light Green
1-13 Unmade
1-14 The Jumps
2-1 Volk
2-2 The Universe Is Indifferent
2-3 The Balance of Things
2-4 A Soft Hand Across Your Face
2-5 Suspirium Finale
2-6 A Choir of One
2-7 Synthesizer Speaks
2-8 The Room of Compartments
2-9 An Audition
2-10 Voiceless Terror
2-11 The Epilogue