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Anzac Voices: Gallipolo from Those Who Were There

Various Artists
Barcode 0028948116263

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Release Date: 29/01/2016

Edition: Album
Genre: Spoken Word
Sub-Genre: Non-Fiction
Label: ABC Classics
Number of Discs: 2

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1: Enlistment: 'Most of the Young Fellas Treated It As a Bit of a Joke' - Various Artists
2: Albany to Lemnos: 'We Never Give the Dardanelles a Thought' - Various Artists
3: Towards Gallipoli, 24/25 April: 'Butterflies in the Tummy' - Various Artists
4: Gallipolli, First Landing, 25 April: 'They Weren't Prepared for the Slaughter' - Various Artists
5: Gallipolli, Subsequent Landings, 25 April: 'I Expect They Can All Swim' - Various Artists
6: Reflections On Mortality: 'Death Was Funny in Those Days' - Various Artists

Disc 2
1: The Turkish Offensive and Armistice, 19-25 May: 'They Were Going to Push Us Back Into the Sea' - Various Artists
2: Life of Gallipoli: 'Everything On Gallipoli Rattled Your Nerves' - Various Artists
3: Johnny Turk: 'I Had No Ill Feelings About Him' - Various Artists
4: Lone Pine, 6-10 August: 'The Fiercest Battle You've Ever Seen' - Various Artists
5: The Evacuation: 'I Wanted to Run' - Various Artists
6: Aftermath: 'I Was One of the Lucky Ones' - Various Artists