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The Wonders Still Awaiting

Barcode 0840588168590

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Release Date: 03/02/2023

Edition: Media Book
Genre: Metal
Sub-Genre: Symphonic
Label: Napalm Records Handels GmbH
Number of Discs: 2

The album marks the first record presenting new vocalist Ambre Vourvahis, Robert Klawonn (guitars), Tim Schwarz (bass) and Dimitrios Gatsios (drums). Along with the aforementioned tracks and presenting 13 songs in total, Xandria's sound emerges harder and darker than ever before, but holds an intimate setting and range of emotions at the same time. Each song nearly resembles an award-winning film score, creating a story that rapidly unfolds in the listener's imagination. Mediabook double CD. The second CD contains the album tracks as 'Orchestral version'.

Track Listing:
1-1 Two Worlds
1-2 Reborn
1-3 You Will Never Be Our God
1-4 The Wonders Still Awaiting
1-5 Ghosts
1-6 Your Stories I'll Remember
1-7 My Curse Is My Redemption
1-8 Illusion Is Their Name
1-9 Paradise
1-10 Mirror of Time
1-11 Scars
1-12 The Maiden and the Child
1-13 Astèria
2-1 Two Worlds (Orchestral Version)
2-2 Reborn (Orchestral Version)
2-3 You Will Never Be Our God (Orchestral Version)
2-4 The Wonders Still Awaiting (Orchestral Version)
2-5 Ghosts (Orchestral Version)
2-6 Your Stories I'll Remember (Orchestral Version)
2-7 My Curse Is My Redemption (Orchestral Version)
2-8 Illusion Is Their Name (Orchestral Version)
2-9 Paradise (Orchestral Version)
2-10 Mirror of Time (Orchestral Version)
2-11 Scars (Orchestral Version)
2-12 The Maiden and the Child (Orchestral Version)
2-13 Astèria (Orchestral Version)