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Rare Round-Up: Entertainment News of the Week (10/11/2023)

Rare Round-Up: Entertainment News of the Week (10/11/2023)

It’s getting more and more challenging to come up with opening statements to these Rare Round-Ups every week. Sometimes I try to come up with a joke or a light-hearted start to the blog and other times, I just get straight into it. I always try to have a seamless transition from this opener into the highlights that you all oh so desperately await.


You know what else you await? NEW MUSIC! Yes, it’s Friday and by now, you should be well aware that the word “Friday” is often preceded by “New Music” and this week brings us both new and remastered tracks and tunes. Whether you’re a fan of rock or K-pop, there’s a reason to stop by our music bestsellers section and see what’s hitting both virtual and physical shelves this week. Those included are Baby Queen with her debut album Quarter Life Crisis, Stray Kids with Rock-Star, and Makeskin with a reissue of their third studio album Rush! with Rush! (Are U Coming?). As for classics, Olivia Newton John’s tenth studio album Totally Hot is remastered as is New Order’s compilation album Substance 1987.


From music to music in movies, the official soundtrack for The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, featuring music both from and inspired by the film, is now available for pre-order ahead of the film’s theatrical release next week. Music plays a more prominent role in the prequel given the Covey background of the “songbird” (the Covey being a nomadic people within The Hunger Games universe). Also featured on the soundtrack are numerous established Americana and folk artists as well as Olivia Rodrigo, who performs the album’s second single Can’t Catch Me Now.


From music to movies in music to just movies, leading filmic news this week is of course the end of the longest strike in Hollywood history- around 160,000 members of the industry have been striking over various concerns surrounding streaming services and A.I. since July 14th of this year. Following a “tentative deal” between US actors' union SAG-AFTRA and Hollywood studio bosses, the strike ended 12:01am US Pacific Time on Thursday following a “unanimous vote.”


Other news today is the cancellation of Coyote Vs. Acme by Warner Bros. This is the third major production that has had the plug pulled despite completion since last year- the others being Batgirl and SCOOBHoliday Haunt. Following David Zaslav taking over as CEO and president of Warner Bros. Discovery and the re-launch of Warner Bros Pictures Animation in June, the studio has shifted its global strategy to focus on theatrical releases. Coyote Vs. Acme was directed by Dave Green, from a screenplay written by Samy Burch, and a story by Burch, James Gunn (who also served as a producer), and Jeremy Slater and starring John Cena. It was well-received by test audiences. Following the decision, Dave Green said:

“I was surrounded by a brilliant team, who poured their souls into this project. … Along the ride, we were embraced by test audiences who rewarded us with fantastic scores.”


Whilst it may be impossible for us to see Coyote Vs. Acme, the seventh installment in the Mission Impossible franchise, Dead Reckoning Part One, is available now on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K! Re-live the most recent adventure of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt as he and his IMF team are tasked with tracking down a terrifying new weapon that could threaten all of humanity if it lands in the wrong hands. It’s being called “The best ‘Mission’ ever” and if you didn’t see it in cinemas, you can discover why from the comfort of your own home!


If classic and world cinema are more your speed, we currently have an offer of two Blu-ray for just £21 with 88 Films! From action to horror, the marital arts extravaganzas of Jackie Chan to the high adrenaline of 1997’s Drive, there’s something for everybody!


If you’re an anime addict, we have another offer of up to 50% off your favourite titles from Crunchyroll including Horimiya, Spy X Family, One Piece, My Hero Academia and Black Clover! Have a look!


For the bookworms, there are a few great reads out this week. They include Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros following her global bestselling novel Fourth Wing. Also, Resurrection Walk by Michael Connelly, who has been praised as “one of the world’s best crime writers”, and Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood who also wrote the New York Time bestseller The Love Hypothesis.

What are you most excited about this week?

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