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Rare Round-Up: Entertainment News of the Week (29/09/2023)

Rare Round-Up: Entertainment News of the Week (29/09/2023)

At this point, “it’s been a busy week!” has become a bit of a catchphrase. But hey, these posts would be pretty boring otherwise!

So say it with me: It’s been a busy week! *audience cheers*

Anywho… Firstly, we’d like to just bring to your attention in case it hasn’t been already, we have two – that’s right, two competitions running this week for Tubular Bells and Fight Back to School on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. Be sure to enter if you’re thinking of that perfect Christmas gift for a friend, loved one, or just for yourself.

Also, we have a big sale on at the moment for Cleopatra Records so get your favourite classic albums for a discounted price before the holidays officially begin!


Speaking of music, Brit rock band The Vaccines are returning with their sixth studio album Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations this year, and of what vocalist Justin Young said “Pink Carnations symbolise gratitude and tell a person that they’ll never be forgotten.” Pre-Order yours now!


For you classic rock lovers, two singles by English glam rockers of yester-year T.Rex, Truck-On Tyke and Teenage Dream are celebrating their 50th anniversaries with special edition releases of highly-collectable 7” picture discs, with photos from the Keith Morris archive. Out November 17th.


Back to the present, one of the most successful bands in chart history, Take That are back with their ninth studio album titled This Life. Described as having “beautiful melodies, soaring choruses and sophisticated harmonies perfectly blending the trio’s voices”, this album continues the legacy of one of Britain's most beloved musical acts.


Hopping across the pond, US dream poppers Cigarettes After Sex are dropping their latest pair of singles- Bubblegum and Stop Waiting in what is their first new music of the year. A perfect distillation of the starry-eyed atmosphere, the group continues to defy what it means to be one of the biggest cult bands in the world. The vinyl and CD are out soon, so be sure to secure your copies!

Onto the visual side of things, this is the week of collector’s box sets!


We had the much-anticipated release of The Psycho Collection, the complete set comprising of Hitchcock’s classic as well as the 3 sequels it spawned decades later. Experience the four films as you’ve never seen them before with uncut editions, unseen footage, behind-the-scenes, featurettes as well as collectible art cards, posters, and books.


Arrow are bringing us back to the original killer doll, Chucky, with the complete, limited edition box set. With sharper quality, posters, and behind-the-scenes booklets as well as other special features.

Also joining the Arrow-verse (not that one) is Savage Guns: 4 Classic Westerns, comprising of Italian Spaghetti outings I Want Him Dead, El Puro, Wrath of the Wind, and The Four of the Apocalypse.


Second Sight Films are joining the fun and speeding up our heart rates with a limited edition collector’s set of 2003 French slasher High Tension with new box art, booklets, and art cards! There are also Blu-ray releases of 1990’s The Krays and 2016’s psychological horror Under the Shadow!

What’s this week’s most exciting announcement for you? Let us know!

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