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Can I Borrow a Dollar?

Barcode 8719262008656

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Release Date: 29/03/2019

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Sub Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Music On Vinyl
Discs: 1

Further Details

Title: Common - Can I Borrow A Dollar (Coloured)
Catalogue Number: 8719262008656
Barcode: 8719262008656
Format: VINYL
Condition: New

Track Listing:
Disc 1
1 A Penny for My Thoughts
2 Charms Alarm
3 Take It Ez
4 Heidi Hoe
5 Breaker 1/9
6 Two Scoops of Raisons
7 No Defense
8 Blows to the Temple
9 Just in the Nick of Rhyme
10 Tricks Up My Sleeve
11 Puppy Chow
12 Soul By the Pound
13 Pitchin' Pennies