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COVID-19 Update: We remain operational and are shipping orders, but please be aware that delays may occur.

Teachers: Series 2 (Box Set) - Andrew Lincoln, Adrian Bower DVD


Further Details

Title: Teachers: Series 2 (Box Set)
Director: Peter Lydon
Catalogue Number: 6867441012795
Barcode: 6867441012795
Format: DVD
Condition: New
Number Of Discs: 1
Release Date: 2007-09-24
Running Time: 465.00
Sub Genre: Drama
Description: All ten episodes from the second season of the popular Channel 4 drama series set in the fictional Summerdown Comprehensive, where the teachers are just as juvenile (if not more so) than the teenagers they are supposed to be educating. In Episode 1, Simon (Andrew Lincoln) breezes into school after getting back late from a holiday in Tenerife with Brian (Adrian Bower) and Kurt (Navin Chowdhry). In Episode 2, Simon is so jealous of popular new languages tutor JP (Shaun Evans) that he refuses to go out for a drink with the usual crowd. Episode 3 finds Simon getting increasingly sexually frustrated after nine weeks without sex. In Episode 4, JP comes out to his new flatmates, and Kurt and Simon try to convince Brian that he is gay, too. Episode 5 finds Susan (Raquel Cassidy) being driven crazy by Alec (Damien Goodwin), who walks around the flat with nothing on in between his very noisy sex sessions with her flatmate, Jenny (Nina Sosanya). In Episode 6, head of department Bob (Lloyd McGuire) is doing all he can to catch Penny's (Tamzin Malleson) eye. Episode 7 sees Susan getting broody after holding the baby of a schoolgirl mum - but when she meets the single mother of another problem pupil, she soon changes her mind. In Episode 8, Simon is feeling bored and dissatisfied with his life, and decides to take a drastic step to change things. In Episode 9, Simon has taken off for South America, leaving his colleagues to cover his classes. Finally, in Episode 10, Christmas is just around the corner, and Simon's replacement, Matt (James Lance) arrives to step into his shoes.

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