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Maid Sama!: Complete Collection

Barcode 5060067006556

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Release Date: 04/04/2016

Edition: Box Set
Genre: Television
Sub-Genre: Anime
Region Code: Region B
Certificate: 12
Label: MVM Entertainment
Director: Hiroaki Sakurai
Number of Discs: 3
Audio Languages: Japanese, English
Subtitle Languages: English

All 26 episodes of the Japanese anime based on the manga series by Hiro Fujiwara, as well as the special OVA episode. The story follows outspoken high schooler Misaki (voice of Ayumi Fujimura), the first female student council president at Seika High, which was until recently an all-boys institute and is full of rowdy male students. While trying to make Seika a better environment for her and the other girls, Misaki also secretly works as a part-time café maid where she forms an unlikely relationship with popular student Takumi (Nobuhiko Okamoto), who finds out about Misaki's job but keeps it a secret. However, the couple encounter obstacles that threaten to break up their relationship. The episodes are: 'Misa Is a Maid Sama!', 'Maid-Sama at the School Festival', 'What Colour Is Misaki? Natural Colour?', 'Net Idol Aoi', 'First Time Minding the Shop', 'Men & the Ayuzawa Cram School', 'Enter the Student Council President of Miyabigaoka', 'Misaki Goes to Miyabigaoka', 'Maid-Sama Does Momotaro', 'Sakura's Indie-Label Love', 'The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches!', 'Maid Sama & the Sports Festival', 'Idiots & Juvenilies & Heroes &.', 'Soutane Kano of Class 1-7', 'Bespectacled Rabbit at the Open Campus', 'Maid Latte at the Beach House', 'Usui Becomes the Enemy', 'Maid Sama Is a Footman', 'Footman Through a Change of Pairs', 'The Vice President Is a Prince?!', 'Usui's Rival?! Hinata Shintani', 'Tag at the Forest School', 'Maid Latte and a Whole Bunch of Sweets', 'Lovey-Dovey Through Latte Magic', 'Hinata & Misaki & Usui', 'Too Cruel Ayuzawa & Usui the Idiot!' and 'It's an Omake'.