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Things Are What They Used To Be

Zoot Woman
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Genre: Dance
Sub-Genre: Dance y electrónica, CDs y vinilos

Johnny Blake, Adam Blake and Stuart Price are Zoot Woman, and credited by many within the industry as one of the most important and influential forerunners of modern electronic pop music. Stuart Price is better known to all as the producer of Madonna, Dua Lipa, Everything Everything, Pet Shop Boys & The Killers. Hailing from Reading, England, Zoot Woman's groundbreaking albums "Living in a Magazine" & "Zoot Woman" created a sound that remains truly distinctive and inspirational.

In response to no public demand, Madonna’s recent co-writer and The Killers’ producer/remixer Stuart Price returns as part of his group, last seen in 2003, to reclaim the crown they never owned from wonky-haired electro-females. And Lady Gaga. Zoot Woman had their moments, particularly on the occasionally sublime debut album, Living in a Magazine. This third album eschews the blue-eyed pop-soul of that record in favour of exhuming the bones of electro-clash (if ever the dead should be left in peace…) and, of course, the 80s. Surprisingly, considering Price’s phone contacts, there are no guest spots. Admittedly few could have added to the pointless, drill-looking-for-a-wall grind of Lust Forever, but elsewhere they may have helped. As with the best electronica, the plaintive vocals sit comfortably over chirpily driven backdrops, but to varying effect. The frantic synths of Lonely by Your Side work with seasoned proficiency and although the lack of harmonies, such as on Witness, can make for gruelling listening, they will not disappoint fans of Depeche Mode’s more industrial moments. It is impossible to talk about this album without mentioning its influences, as if they were any clearer it’d be wearing a sandwich board. We Won’t Break has a pining bass à la New Order, with whom Price also worked. As a remixer he has unavoidably picked up tricks, most evidently on the single Saturation which shares such similarities with The Killers’ Smile Like You Mean It. It is one of a handful of excellent tracks here. But Things… suffers from being too knowing, its makers needing to relax a little more – at no point does it sound like they’re having as much fun as they should to warrant a comeback, and this patchy album perhaps follows modern 80s influences too closely. It remains platitudinal electro, serving at best to provoke investigation of their back catalogue. --BBC Music

The third album by Johnny Blake, Adam Blake and Stuart "Jacques Lu Cont" Price reveals its sound in its title. It's a comment on how much of pop currently sounds like the 1980s, while sounding like the 1980s itself – the one of Depeche Mode and New Order, trench coats and rainswept Ultravox videos. Synths shimmer, atmospheres haunt and nag and the words evoke that lonely-on-a-dancefloor moment, as crystallised by Morrissey on How Soon Is Now? and more recently revisited by Metronomy and Daft Punk. The Zoots confess: "All I've got is a memory." But what else can they bring to the party? At least they haven't fallen short with their tunes. More Than Ever wraps undying love up in big keyboard stabs, Witness is an effective moody stomp, and Lonely By Your Side – a personal/existential ­crisis in a three-minute pop song – can hold its head up among their heroes. --The Guardian

The british electronic group made up of Adam Blake, Johnny Blake and Stuart Price. Known for their live shows the group has gained a worldwide following. From the very beginning of their career, Zoot Woman have been regarded as an essential act. 'Like David Bowie throwing Kraftwerk at Nirvana'. 'Things Are What They Used To Be' takes you on a journey, sometimes introspective one where every track and every moment is unique. Credited by many within the industry as one of the most important forerunners of modern electronic pop music, the band created a sound that remains truly distinctive and fresh.

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