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Far Cry Primal

Barcode 0669311315021

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Release Date: 15/04/2016

Edition: Album
Genre: Soundtracks
Sub-Genre: Computer Game Soundtrack
Composer: Jason Graves
Label: Sumthing Else
Number of Discs: 2

Track Listing:
1-1 The Shaman's Story
1-2 Save the Wenja
1-3 Prowl of the Snowblood Wolves
1-4 The Fires of Conquest
1-5 The Mammoth Hunt
1-6 The Call of the Widu
1-7 A Hunter's Eye
1-8 The Heart of Oros
1-9 Sarta Wenja
1-10 Trials of the Gwarpati
1-11 The Taken Wenja
1-12 Vision of Fire
1-13 Batari's Song of Fire
1-14 The Bloodfang Sabretooth
1-15 Gwarpati Salway
1-16 The Search for Lost Wenja
2-1 Vision of Beasts
2-2 March of the Bloodtusk Mammoth
2-3 Survival of the Udam
2-4 The Lost Caves of Oros
2-5 Udam Wantari
2-6 Wadijam Izila
2-7 Hunt for the Great Scar Bear
2-8 The Flames of Suxli
2-9 Clash of the Udam
2-10 The Altar of Suxli
2-11 Fury of the Great Scar Bear
2-12 Attack of the Udam
2-13 The Beast Master Strikes
2-14 Vision of Ice
2-15 The Wrath of Ull
2-16 The Mask of Krati
2-17 Takkar of the Wenja